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Mandala Making: An Extended Healing Meditative Experience Workshop (Now with Yoga!)

Join the always amazing Ann Schmitz Viveros for a new opportunity to create your own mandala, in a complete mini-retreat session.

Integrate the relaxation of yoga, the wisdom of meditation, and the joy of art into your life with this mandala making meditative healing arts experience. No previous art, yoga, or meditation experience needed.

Dawn will kick this workshop off with a relaxing yoga practice suitable for all levels, followed by an accessible meditation practice, both designed to get the body and mind grounded and spark the imagination.

Ann will take you through the journey of creating. On the surface we are creating a beautiful circular art based on repetition and pattern. However, the experience can go much deeper. Through guided inquiry, observation and intuition, the mandala making process becomes a tool for inner contemplation and healing; the mandala becomes a physical representation of the inner journey. You will leave with a beautiful hand drawn mandala and a sense of accomplishment, as well as ideas for further contemplation. We will use black India ink on paper, and only introduce color in Levels II and III.

Black & White Mandalas Level I (Prerequisite for taking other levels.) In Level I we develop the basics of the process
• Create a safe space
• Set an intention
• Meditation
• Mindfulness
• Intuition
• Inquiry
• Self-Compassion

Add color! In Level II we continue with what we learned in Level I and further our practice by adding color.

Friendship Mandalas Level III (Either come with a friend or make a friend in class!) Share the experience of creation with a friend and create a two-person mandala. Level III is similar to Level II in that we are adding color. You will work individually completing your mandala, then you will exchange halves of mandalas to create a Friendship Mandala to take home.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot today online.